Posted by: Nazausgraben | January 17, 2011


Even now, midst the peace of a mid-night gale of unseen snow coating the land in silken white…

O’, how I, for just a nostalgic moment, yearn for those warm sweet July Ausserfern afternoons along a thin sunbright mountain path to nowhere in particular, kicking up the dust, passing trees that  seem to rustle with each breath of Summer.                                                          

With nothing but a farmhouse or two dotting the rolling Alpine foothills; a lush green ocean mowed only by cows herding throughout the valley, their bell necks weaving a lilting restful phrase in the otherwise warm stillness.     

I trod along this path to my many pasts which are all within walking distance.       

Rod told me about the way once, about how suddenly things change here at altitude, how misty recollections become bright and so very real; where departed beloveds greet you as if a stranger and the smells, sounds, tastes of a fond memoried history delicately stroke a bittersweet breeze, edited of most pains, except those few pushing…pushing you away.

It is an awakened past that you hold close, dear, for despite all that urges you to close your eyes and awaken into a deep Austrian Winter, you feel the lush embracing valley night to come, and so wish to remain there forever…..

….hoping, praying that when you again open your eyes, it is into a familiar wallpapered, kachelofen warm innocence where you can still cling to the remaining few fleeting futureless moments without burdeons of the soul, free of toxic responsibility, in a place devoid of the looking glass madness of eloquent fools, the rush of fleeting time, and the passing unnoticed beauty.

It is at these most delicate sweet times that you finally understand that you cannot dwell in that place, at that spot on your flowered mountain for even a hair’s breath longer; that you must turn around and head back down to where you left off.

Back to the thin quiet dusty ancient well-trodded path to a place where what is to come awaits.


  1. creates a sort of deja vu….very nostalgic!

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